RBMS Guide

Partnering with Rehoboth Beach Main Street to bring their 2015 Guide to fruition without a hitch was a big accomplishment. Past guide projects were a deluge of challenges for this client, so we thoroughly worked through every facet to insure the entire process was as stress free as possible.

Budget constraints were kept, page count and content aligned, and deadline was met. In fact, the printed pieces were delivered early! iKANDE designed and managed the guide, illustrated the center spread map, and created some of the interior ads… all while working closely with the client so their vision was brought to life in the final piece.

Take a look at the 2015 Rehoboth Beach Main Street guide, video and photos below…

2015rbmsguidepg1-1024x571 2015rbmsguidemusic-1024x578 2015rbmsads-1024x575 2015rbmsguide-1024x570


Looking for more? How about a printed sample?
Contact iKANDE and request a 2015 Rehoboth Beach Main Street guide. We’d be happy to deliver or mail one to you.



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