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  • By answering the questions within as fully and completely as possible, you’ll be well on your way to attracting your core target and beating the competition through your website and all your marketing materials.*
  • Apply what you learn through the website planners to your website. Then you will likely start to rise through organic searches and attracting more sales.*



• Connect to your target market through this worksheet, planner, and questionnaire for your company.

– Gain more business by targeting what separates you from your competition in this Company Differentiation Worksheet.
– Get the most complete guide to executing your email campaigns.
– The Email Marketing Planner has 8 packed pages to keep the info easy to digest and efficient.
– Read the skinny on email marketing.
– Learn and use the Top Tips within email marketing to empower yourself to get started.
– Complete the enclosed Email Marketing Success Checklist and see how easy it is to create a plan and get started.
– Use the handy email marketing budget inside.
– The most comprehensive New Logo questionnaire to use as a guide to designing your new logo.
– Answer the New Logo questionnaire’s 50 questions to make your new, or next, logo the best.
– Use the New Logo questionnaire to help communicate with your designer.

• Be a website wonder with these 4 planners and an audit for your website.

– If you are wondering where the health of your website stands, the website audit is a great place to start.
– The simple 25 point website audit checklist will help you quickly assess the state of your site by providing you a helpful grade.
– Use the same website content planner iKANDE uses with their clients to create professional, award-winning websites.
– If your current website doesn’t look good and/or read well, use this website content planner to change that!
– If you need to create a new website, use the website content planner to make good use of your planning time.
– Learn what one of the most common mistakes a new website owner makes.
– Fill in the questions through the 21 pages in the website content planner and communicate exactly what your new website needs with your webmaster.
– Get a handle on your website copy by answering the questions within the website copywriting planner.
– Learn why carefully crafting great copy for your website is so important in the website copywriting planner.
– Get the ultimate guide to aligning your website with SEO best practices to attract your target market.
– By answering the questions within the Website SEO Planner as fully and completely as possible, you’ll be on your way to attracting your core target market.

• Be a social media maven by utilizing ALL 3 of these social media planners.

– Learn about LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube in a nutshell.
– Answer some questions in an interactive guide to organize your YouTube content.
– Learn 2 of the biggest Facebook profile tips.
– Handy Facebook timeline planner.
– Lots of suggestions for creating a 12 month Facebook content calendar.
– The Ultimate Facebook cheat sheet
– Find out what 90% of LinkedIn content should be about.
– HandyLinkedIn  image spec sheet to make sure all your images are sized just right.
– What LinkedIn is typically used it to share.
– The skinny on LinkedIn vs Facebook vs Twitter.
– Best suggestion for LinkedIn posting frequency.
– Helpful links for moreLinkedIn info to help you impress the boss… or yourself!
… and much more!

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