By using these 3 simple tips to balance social media, you’ll be on your way to shedding your social media anxiety.

(3 minute read)

I sometimes call my husband the little facebooker, although he rarely posts or comments on facebook. Perhaps you are like him, keeping up with friends and family or absorbing some news and entertainment. Or maybe you are like me and have to mostly stay connected because of work.

Whether you utilize social media platforms for fun, or work, it’s easy to invest the majority of your day to staying connected. And if you are feeling any form of anxiety about the amount of time you are investing, or how you should be spending it to connect with potential customers, the below is just for you.

First, identify your goals and why you need to stay connected to social media. Next, take a look at your target demographic and what platforms they are utilizing. Are they on facebook, twitter, snap, LinkedIn, or another social media platform? And of those platforms, which one(s) would your product or service naturally be found on? Think from your potential customer’s viewpoint. Would you be invading their social media space or would your brand be welcome? You can read more on targeting your customers with social media here.

Second, try to limit your social media interaction to 1 hour or less per day. And then work to move it to just 2 or 3 days per week. Or perhaps pick one day and spend 1 -3 hours, at most, if needed. Sometimes weaning yourself off is an easier reality to adjust to. If social media is a large part of your goals for connecting with potential customers, time block all the necessary tasks to accomplish these goals. Then everything will be completed and you’ll feel less stressed and more productive. And be flexible. If you notice a certain time or day isn’t working, change it up until it melds smoothly with your work schedule and connects naturally with your buyers. Everyone is different and not everyone has the same target demographic they are connecting with.

Thirdly, if you are starting the day off by reviewing social media platforms, maybe even before you get out of bed, remove your smart phone or mobile device from your bedroom. If you remove the temptation to start your day by reviewing social media, you’ll start the day off less anxious.

Remember, however you use social media to connect with your target audience, you are in control. Set perimeters that work for you and your sanity.

So, in review:

  1. Set goals of what you need to accomplish with social media platforms.
  2. Use time blocking to control social media habits.
  3. Remove your smart device from the bedroom.

These 3 ways to balance social media are all suggestions that hopefully help you become more productive and less anxious as well.

I’d love to hear how you balance social media habits, please connect with us here.