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Ryan K.

Director of Marketing
City of Rehoboth Beach client of iKANDE web design

“Working with iKANDE is effortless… I can’t say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail…”

Krys J.

Communications Specialist
seaboard Hotels client of iKANDE web design

“They present very creative ideas and designs that make marketing and advertising decisions simple to choose.”

Alex M.

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More About the Company Differentiation Worksheet

6 tell all questions for you to answer about your business. As you work through the questions, you’ll uncover what truly differentiates your company from your competitors.

3 Ways to Balance Social Media

By using these 3 simple tips to balance social media, you’ll be well on your way to shedding your social media anxiety and working more productively.

Is Your Website Protected with HTTPS

Google made secure websites, or HTTPS, mandatory in 2017. Secure your websites to keep in good standing with search engines.

50 Logo Design Questions

From main logo to sister company logo, they all must uphold your brand. 50 questions to ask, and answer, before your first logo design.

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