Just as fingerprints, eye color and hair color add to each human’s unique qualities, so does how we view the world and all it’s imagery. It is no different when it comes to logos. One either catches our eye or it doesn’t. We are either part of the human group that is acutely aware of iconography and advertising all around us or we think we are not consciously impressionable. And there is neither a good or bad or right or wrong in these acknowledgements.

This brings me to the creation or redesign of your own company logo. If you believe there has to be a eureka moment for you when seeing your new logo unveiled, think again!

Just hear from Nike’s Phil Knight on the moment he first viewed the swoosh. Or, as he saw it, fat checkmark of a Nike logo…

Now, maybe there is a Eureka or wow moment for you as your new logo is unveiled. And if so, great! Just know that your reaction is unique to you and there is no right or wrong. So don’t be caught up in the wow factor. Be more concerned with the fit factor.

The Fit Factor

This is the connection between your logo and your core target audience. I assume you already know who they are and are basing most of your advertising and marketing decisions on knowing your group.

Maybe your favorite color is green, but studies show that the name you want to make for your company and the industry you happen to be in says blue would be better. Or maybe you love sans serif type, but your loyal, traditional, and a bit older customers find regular serif fonts easier to read. And maybe you love your local newspaper and want to advertise there, but your core audience doesn’t read that publication. In all of these cases, it would be wise to side with your core target market’s characteristics first.

That’s not to say you bend to every nuance your core target audience has, but you make every attempt to connect with them through your logo, branding, marketing and advertising.

And If you are about to embark on redesigning your logo or maybe having a brand new logo created for your new company, keep the above in mind.

Logo lowdown

We want to hear from you! Did you see a logo that caught your eye this past week (whether it was eye catching or down right awful)? We’d love to hear about it. Need help designing a new logo that will fit your company perfectly? Then reach out to us here and let’s start a conversation.


If you are interested in reading or viewing the above interview with Phil Knight in it’s entirety, click here.