Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a handy facebook timeline planner you could go through to help you understand facebook. Plus, what about the kind of content your audience would love to read or review from your company? Well, IT does exist and IT is available to you. iKANDE put together seven packed pages that guide you through facebook posting. Not only can the facebook timeline planner help your company get noticed, it will provide pointers on building your brand on this high traffic social media platform. The facebook timeline planner also includes the Ultimate Facebook Cheat Sheet. This Cheat Sheet shares the sizing rules for posting images, photos and more.

facebook timeline planner by ikande web design

Because Facebook has over 2.9 billion active monthly users,

it’s almost guaranteed that your demographic, or at least a segment of it, is on this social media platform as well. It’s recommended that you post 1 or 2 times a day to your Facebook page. Don’t go overboard. Most people get annoyed when a close friend floods their Facebook feed, never mind a company.

Even if your goal is to post twice day, iKANDE suggests,

having your Facebook page open all day long. That’s because if your audience is engaging with you, via comments, likes, shares, and messages, it’s important that you join the conversation. If someone has a question or complaint, you want to be on hand to address it immediately. (Also, an unfortunate truth is that visitors may use Facebook as an opportunity to post inappropriate or offensive content to your feed. If you aren’t monitoring closely, you might not “hide” the post from your feed in time.)

As with your blog,

it’s important that your Facebook posts contain a healthy mixture of educational, fun, and entertaining content.

Aim for the 411 rule—only a third of your content, at most, should be promotional. (For every four educational or entertaining posts (infographic, blog, awareness-level ebook), you can share one soft/midlevel promotion (a more solution-focused asset) and one hard/late-stage promotion (a demo, for example). This mix allows you to offer value and educates and entertains your audience so they are more welcoming to the later stage. We’ve used this rule on our facebook page as well. Check out iKANDE online to see a sample.

Like what you are reading so far? Great, download the entire planner from iKANDE here:

Cover of Facebook Timeline Planner by iKANDE web design

The planner is the ultimate guide to preparing your facebook profile, content and timeline posts. This is what you’ll receive:
• 2 Biggest Facebook profile tips.
• Facebook in a nutshell.
• Handy timeline planner.
• Lots of suggestions for creating a 12 month content calendar.
• The Ultimate Facebook cheat sheet
That’s just $7 – the cheat sheet alone is worth that and the time it will save you.

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