Website Copywriting Planner


The ultimate guide to preparing copy for your new website. By answering the questions as fully and completely as possible, your web design team can take this information and help you craft the correct language within your website that directly mirrors your company and target market you want to attract.

  • Get a handle on your website copy by answering the questions within!
  • Learn why carefully crafting great copy for your website is so important.
  • 17 well organized pages makes gathering your copy easy.
  • What are you waiting for, download the planner and let’s get started!



By answering 50+ easy questions in this Ultimate Website Copywriting Planner, you’ll be ready to tackle organizing the rest of yoru website content. First you will provide basic company details and answer questions about your business. Then you will dive further into your customers, your brand, advertising and marketing. Next evaluate your competitors and size them up through these leading questions. Finally fill in the answers for each page that needs to be on your new website. Once you have all the answers in hand, you’ll have a roadmap for the exact content that needs to be on each page of your new website!

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