30 low budget ways to gain maximum exposure and sales.

I must preface the below with this – it’s highly important that you first identify your unique selling proposition (or what makes you unique over your competitors) and identify your core target market (your best customers – you want more like these folks). By truly understanding these two things, the rest of your marketing should be easier to create and carry out. You’ll also know which tips below to utilize right away so you can start your savvy guerrilla marketing.

So, lets get started 

(The suggestions below are for realtors, but if you are a professional in another industry and your job description includes sales, the below will be useful in your marketing as well:

  1. If you are working for a broker and they offer realtor pages on their website, add your up to date information.
  2. Consider having your own website that matches your other branded materials.
  3. Consider adding a blog to your website.
  4. Create a 52 week blog campaign and calendar.
  5. Consider guest blogging on other relevant websites where your target market may be hanging out (hotel, motel, restaurants if you are foodie, etc.).
  6. Consider email marketing, such as eNewsletters, to keep in touch with potential and past buyers/sellers.
  7. Place email marketing opt-ins on your website.
  8. Start video blogging or vlogging.
  9. Create a You Tube account. Connect it to your website and eNewsletter
  10. Create a vlogging campaign or calendar and start posting.
  11. Save time and start returning phone calls or emails with video messaging.
  12. Create and utilize a Facebook business page. (With over 2.7 Billion users, having a Business page on this platform is smart)
  13. Create a Facebook post campaign for the year.
  14. Use a social media posting and tracking tool, such as Hootsuite, Buffer or sprout social to make scheduling, posting, and engaging easier.
  15. Start using facebook videos to share real estate content that you’ve created and curated.
  16. Share your knowledge using instagram.
  17. Utilize LinkedIn to build your brand.
  18. Add Yourself as a Realtor on Google Places.
  19. When posting to any social platform, keep the 4-1-1 rule in mind. For every four educational or entertaining posts, you can share one soft/midlevel promotion and one hard/late-stage promotion (open house, ask for a referral).
  20. Request reviews, testimonials and referrals whenever it comes naturally. If it doesn’t, make a goal to get comfortable with it.
  21. Write amazing, truthful MLS descriptions
  22. Take amazing MLS listing photos or have a professional photographer do it for you
  23. Spellcheck or have someone proof read your MLS descriptions.
  24. Advertise your latest listing with a professional looking sign in the yard or front window, create flyers and make them available with the home for sale info., and follow up on any leads the same day. (I know, that’s a 3 for 1 suggestion there)
  25. Once you sell a home, consider sending a postcard to everyone in the neighborhood telling them so.
  26. Invest in some other marketing materials that stand out, start with a really professional business card.
  27. Create and give something useful that will have your name on it all year, like a calendar – large or small.
  28. How about a decal with your tagline on your car’s back window or a catchy vanity plate.
  29. Provide the most amazing follow up and follow through once you’ve made a sale. Bring a gift bag or gift basket to closing (with your business cards or other memorable branding thing to share).
  30. Follow up with those you’ve sold property to 1 month later, 3 months later, 6 months later and a year and at each natural point well into the future.

I don’t expect you to act on every one of these marketing tips. Pick a handful that you think you can do and would reach your target market.

Do you have other great marketing tips for realtors or professionals, share them here.