You’ve just finished up an amazing job for a client or provided a great service to a customer. The next logical thing to do – ask for a recommendation and a testimonial! I know. They aren’t easy to ask for, so if you request one right after you’ve done a great job, it’s easier for you and your customer. Then once you have that glowing review or testimonial, share it!

Here are the Top 4 Ways to Use Testimonials to Promote Your Company:

• #1 On your website as text and video – a perfectly placed testimonial on your website can go a long way. If you have a video of the same testimonial, use that too. The odds of a visitor remembering you and your company exponentially grow when they read AND watch a good testimonial. See some examples here

• #2 In your print collateral – When you have testimonials in all your literature, you can really capture the full promotional value of what your customers have to say about you. Try to vary the testimonials you use across your collateral. So if you use one on a brochure, use another when you print your next sales sheet or rack card.

• #3 Part of your signature line – if you have a good, short testimonial, use it in your email signature line to remind clients what your current and past customers are saying about working with you and your company. If the testimonial is long, just use a snippet of it and add a link to “read more” text that follows it.

• #4 Throughout Your Social Media Campaigns – Strategically place testimonials throughout your social media platforms. Tag the reviewer if possible and thank them for the accolades. And if it’s relevant to link back to your website, where more testimonials or reviews can be found, do that as well.

Now go request some testimonials!

In the business world, what someone else shares about you holds more weight than what you say about yourself. And when a multitude of people are singing the same promotional song about you and your company, it resonates louder than one voice saying “look at me”. Make sense? Good! Now go get those testimonials and sprinkle them throughout your branding. And if you need a little guidance, iKANDE is here to help!