Website Content Planner


The ultimate guide to preparing content for your new website.

  • This is the same planner iKANDE uses with their clients to create professional, award-winning websites.
  • If your current website doesn’t look good and/or read well, use this planner to change that!
  • If you need to create a new website, use this planner to make good use of your planning time.
  • Learn what one of the most common mistakes a new website owner makes.
  • Fill in the questions through these 21 pages and communicate exactly what your new website needs with your webmaster.



Download and answer easy questions in this Essential Website Content Planner. It’s easy! We’ll lead you through it one step at a time. First you will review some basic company details. Then onto the page by page of your new website. Start with your Home, About Us, Services, Why Trust Us, and Contact Us pages first for example. You’ll apply answers to 6 essential questions for each page of your new website – no matter if that is 5 pages or 50+ pages.

How do you tackle what looks like a monumental project, for example your new website? One page at a time of course. And this Essential Website Content Planner is the best place to start.

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