A good promotional calendar, that is visually appealing and keeps your company in front of potential customers, is probably one of the most cost efficient methods of advertising your company all year long. That was our intent with the design of the annual iKANDE calendar.

pages from 2019 iKANDE calendar

iKANDE web design company creates 2019 calendar that wins Regal Award

The 2019 promotional iKANDE calendar was hand delivered or mailed to current and potential clients. The calendar carried these messages: iKANDE greetings and best wishes; iKANDE projects to possibly spark creative ideas within the recipient’s business; and most importantly, to consider partnering with iKANDE on future advertising and marketing projects. These messages are relevant to our audience because most of them have high stress positions and marketing their product or services can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Often when they partner with iKANDE, this portion of their workload can become easier.

Through numerous projects, and iKANDE’s contact info on every month, the calendar subtly invites the recipient to reach out. And reach out they did! The 2019 promotional iKANDE calendar resulted in 2 new clients and a referral. One client became a retainer client and revenue rose from $6,000 to over $36,000 annually. ROI: over 125 times the print cost!

Aesthetically, the 2019 promotional iKANDE calendar front cover is colorful and inviting. Most months highlight a successful iKANDE project with two months encouraging goal setting and holiday wishes. Our clients have come to depend on their annual iKANDE calendars, so much so, that we often get requests for more copies. Calendars are popular and we now design and print more of them for clients, than any prior year. We attribute that to the overall visual appeal, clean layouts and fresh imagery. As stated previously, our clients are busy and they want tools and partners that lessen their workload. Our well thought out calendar provides an organizational tool, and one that sparks ideas to grow their business.

Once we have all images and content from the client, design and layout of your company calendar can commence. Usually first proof back to the client happens in 4 or 5 days. The client then gets 2 rounds of editing and then once approved, their calendar goes to print. Depending on how many jobs are on the print project list, turn around time can be anywhere from 10-14 days.

Ready to get started? If so, just reach out to Damien at iKANDE (Damien@ikande.com).