2021 Regal Book (shown above)

Check out the electronic online version of the 2021 Regal Book here…

2020 Regal Book

Check out the electronic online version of the 2020 Regal Book here…

2020 Regal Book by iKANDE

2019 Regal Book

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2019 Regal Book by iKANDE

2015 Regal Book

The Regal Book is always a highly anticipated annual real estate book. Every year, the Builders and Remodelers Association of Delaware (BRAD), formerly the Home Builders Association of Delaware (HBA/DE), distributes the book. By working with the association closely, every page is meticulously created and organized in hierarchical fashion. Colorful ads are dispersed throughout and help make the publication possible.

Regal Book cover 2015 designed by iKANDE

We partnered with this client to make sure the book was as polished as possible. Winners are displayed in large sprawling layouts. iKANDE makes sure the project estimate met budget and came in on time. There is a very small window between when the judging scores come in and the final deadline to provide the finished book to the printer. iKANDE always meets that deadline. The Regal Book is unveiled at the Regal awards ceremony each year in MAy. It has helped attract new members to the Builders and Remodelers Association of Delaware.

Regal Book interior pages 2015 designed by iKANDE

Real People. Real Praise.

“Damien is a strongly creative person that has been a huge help for our Home Builders Association of Delaware. Damien has for several years assembled and prepared numerous publication and event materials including our Annual Leadership and Legacy Ball, and our gala sales and marketing awards program for the Regal Awards. Her professionalism and friendly enthusiasm goes a long way during the layout and production of these publications. They always turn our first rate. And Damien is an active member of the Steering Committee of our Sales and Marketing Council, coming up with creative solutions to ongoing issues we may face. I would highly recommend her services!”

– Howard Fortunato
past Executive Vice President, Home Builders Association of Delaware


“Damien has the utmost professionalism in her industry. She helps keeps our organization fresh with our advertising and promotional pieces. I would highly recommend iKANDE  for all your advertising needs!”

– Sunny Schmidt
past Communications Director, Home Builders Association of Delaware

Regal Book interior 2015 designed by iKANDE