Project Brief

Overview of Windy Hill Bakehouse Logo
Custom Baked Goods
The Client: Windy Hill Bakehouse
Price Range: $1,295+ (Contact iKANDE for a custom estimate)

Windy Hill Bakehouse is solely owned and operated by a creative baker with over 25 years of experience. What started as a hobby, grew into a business when her popularity grew and her husband encouraged her to take the plunge. She needed a quick logo. At the time, she just needed something she liked, and fast! After 3 years, the mark became stale and a new one that mirrored the owner’s goals and dreams needed to emerge. She connected with iKANDE through mutual colleagues and the project took off.

The challenge:
• Create a professional logo that reproduces well large and small, and can work well into the future.

before and after windy hill bakehouse logo

Process & Solution

• First, an in depth conversation was had with the owner about her design preferences, and goals for the bakehouse. We also reviewed what she liked and didn’t like about other branding marks in her industry. And we utilized the New Logo Planner to uncover even the smallest details to help a great logo emerge. By asking the right logo design questions, a roadmap emerged that helped the creative process progress efficiently.

• Next, the iKANDE team researched, sketched and creating the first round of marks for an internal review. The team reviewed all logos designed and through a democratic process, eliminated all marks that didn’t meet the client’s criteria.

• Finally, the best 5 logos were presented to the owner for review. The owner picked her favorite and requested a few small edits. iKANDE then created multiple formats and a simple brand guideline to accompany the new logo.

• Now, Windy Hill Bakehouse has a solid branding mark.

windy hill bakehouse logo brand guidelines by ikande