Overview of Judy Simons website
The Client: Judy Simons, Painter
Price Range: $3,950 – $4,500
 Commission requests have gone up and heightened online exposure through links with artist forums, MICA, LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter.

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The Challenge:
Judy Simons previous website was gray and outdated. Nothing like the actual artist. Judy’s works needed an online presence that displayed her work in a clean and orderly fashion while revealing  a little of the artist’s personality. She also needed an easy to navigate site. In her old layout, it was often hard to return to the Home page or to other sections. Sometimes artwork wouldn’t load properly or was missing. The entire website needed an overhaul.

The Solution:
A clean, gallery like backdrop was created to showcase Judy’s artwork. Easy navigation is always located on the left hand side of Judy Simons website. Simple headers, medium and size are offered for each work displayed in the Gallery and the number of pieces under each header are easy to digest. Giving just enough samples to whet the appetite and leave you wondering what Judy is painting now. Four pen and ink drawings also grace the pages to highlight Judy’s quirky side, allowing visitors to connect with her on a personal level.

Judy Simons website is easy to navigate, has longevity in its design and clarity in it’s layout of information and works. It serves as a well rounded self guided tour into the artist and her works and helps visitors, that have never been to her studio, understand the depth and complexity of her craft.

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