Maybe it’s time to refresh your website too…

When you think law firm, do you think of stuffy people in buttoned up suits using big words or legal jargon? Well, you won’t find that at the Law Office of Susan Pittard Weidman. Everyone is professional, knowledgeable and straight forward, but they also talk to you like a family member or friend. Even their conference rooms are designed to look like your dining room or gathering area. Right away clients are welcomed in by smiling staff and immediately put at ease. And that is why they were seeking a website that captured their culture and demeanor in an inviting online presence. They wanted a website that conveyed a similar experience a new client would go through as they entered any one of the law offices of Susan Pittard Weidman.



The struggle:
• The firm was loosing potential clients every month because their website wasn’t live.
• The lead attorney and owner, Susan Pittard Gardner, couldn’t find the right creative team to understand her vision or needs so that her website could be completed.

iKANDE was the third design firm tasked with bringing the website to life.

The solutions:
• Take the time and get to know Susan and her staff. Through discovery and many hours of Q&A, copy writing and proofing sessions, the essence of the Law Office of Susan Pittard Weidman was translated into a website.
• The website provides just the right amount of information through thoughtful, responsive design, inviting copy, and calls to action to entice a visitor to reach out to the firm. And for referrals, the warm and inviting home page gives a glimpse as to what it is like to work with this sharp group. More people who have been referred to the firm are now hiring them.

Real Life testimonial:
Kathy Thomas, Administrative Assistant, commented “You deserve a medal for being able to get done what 2 other advertising firms could not complete!”

The New Website is here:
The home page utilizes parallax design to engage viewers. Calls to action are strategically placed to help guide visitors. And lists of services are easily found. Perfectly-placed navigational buttons and links make it easy for visitors to find their way around and find what they need quickly.

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Many secondary and interior pages provide extra information, testimonials, and more for those just starting their search. And for those ready to reach our and visit, the contact us page has everything a visiting client could need.

Susan and her staff couldn’t be happier with their new website and look forward to adding blog posts and more in the coming months. And when they need more in-depth technical help, they are glad iKANDE is just a call or email away.

NOW – what about you?
Has your website been in the works for months… or years? Let iKANDE help you pull it together. Maybe you are really close, but just need a partner to walk you through the final stages. Or maybe you need to scrap everything you’ve done so far and start fresh. Guess what, iKANDE thrives on FRESH! Need a little information about hosting, Worpress or future upgrades? We’re glad to share, so contact us today to explore your options so you can finally get on the right track!


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